Into Dark Water


In the small town of Borders, New Hampshire, everyone knew everything. There was no escaping the gossip, lies, and scandal. You were sucked into it like an undertow of a dark lake.
Jenny Pearson would be on the first bus out of there after graduation. That was her master plan. Only 68 more days and counting. Nothing could happen in 68 days. Nothing could keep her there. Nothing or no one.

Except… Draven Lepage.

In a town filled with lies and secrets, sometimes it’s best to keep your nose in a book. At least that’s what Jenny thought, until the bad guy spilled his deepest secret. Draven was sinking, and Jenny was his only hope.

“Do you trust me?” Draven asked.

I reached for, and grabbed his cold hand. The water was dark, the sky only lit by the graying moon. My lips shivered, my heart was beating immensely, but I held on tightly to his hand. It was my last chance. We sink or swim….

into dark water front