A standalone novel about one girl’s fight for freedom, and one boy’s chance to stand out.

The day that Grace turned eighteen, she was finally able to escape. She packed a bag, tiptoed out of her kitchen door, and ran away from her home, leaving behind a world of hurt. She was chasing the one thing that she’d dreamed about her whole life… Freedom.

Jackson was a star. He was popular. He was loved. He was the opposite of Grace in every way. He’d never known what it was like to be different or misunderstood. If he wanted something, he got it. It was that simple. Until her… It would take more than a slick one-liner to make Grace fall for his charms.

Grace may have only carried one bag when she ran away, but her heart was weighted down with the heavy baggage of her past. Her secrets would come out eventually, and when they did, it would take an awfully strong person to help carry her load.

I belong.
I am me.
Don’t judge.
Just see.
Let me live.
Don’t hold me back.
I’m not fragile.
I won’t crack.
Just because,
You think you know.
You’ve cast me out.
And kept me low.
Please don’t hurt me.
Let me be.
For the first time,
I am free…