Just Breaking it down

What’s up readers???

I have to say THANK YOU for an awesome 2015. What an amazing year in the book/reading world. I am super thankful for each and everyone of you. I have a BIG year planned for 2016 and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys.

4 BOOKS!!!

I have 4 books planned for 2016 which is always a stretch for me, and sometimes doesn’t go quite as planned. However, I have marked it in my calendar. So look out 2016. I’m coming for you.

Breaking down 2016 in BOOKS

  1. Lasting Heartbreak- The final installment in the Unbroken Series. This book is Waylon’s story, and you may need tissues. 😉
  2. Replica- A standalone novel
  3. My Angel- A standalone novel
  4. Belonging- Book one in a 3 book series ! (Becoming Queen Series)


Are you ready for 2016??


I AM!!


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