I just wanted to share with you some random book facts about my books that you may not know!

1. All of my books touch on subjects that are happening in every day life that people don’t normally discuss. Such as; Cancer, Homelessness, Abuse, Self Loathing, Suicide, Death, bullying, and the list goes on and on.

2. Moonshine started with only the title Moonshine! It is the first book that made me cry as I was writing it.

3. My first two books are paranormal and although I love to read that genre, I will most likely never write any more paranormal books.

4. The fastest book that I ever wrote was Klay which took me 18 days.

5. The book that I am most proud of is Kory. I had no idea where that book was going when I started it. It took a complete turn and I wound up loving it so much. The characters are amazing to me and the message is strong.

6. The book that was most fun for me to write was Dirty Nails. Turns out I like the dark and raw genre. It took me to a completely different place while I was writing it.

7. I hate the word ADORE! I’m pretty positive that you won’t find it anywhere in any of my books. I don’t know why I despise it so much but I just do. LOL

8. Even though Klay was the fastest book I have written, Moonshine was the easiest. I think because the story was locked inside my head and I couldn’t wait to get it out.

9. Klay and Kory were created for my sisters. One sister loved books about strong businessmen and one sister loved books about bad boys. So I created both worlds and of course they had to be brothers. Turns out both sisters loved both books. Win Win for me.

10. There is a little girl in the book Kory named Victoria. I will not spoil it for you, but she is getting a book of her own some day. I CAN’T WAIT!

11. The character of Caroline (From Klay and A home for Caroline) came from an inspiring story I heard on the radio about a woman who stole food to feed her family because they were homeless. She inspired me to write about Caroline. And Caroline is one of my most favorite female characters that I have written.

12. I get into the floor with index cards and sharpie’s and map out my books before I write them. I don’t always follow the cards once I start writing. It is mainly for me to get some kind of ideas. More often than not, I usually change it as I’m writing. I am Free which is my current work in progress is the only book that I completely tossed out every idea that I wrote and went with my gut.

13. Dirty Nails started out with the title Sketch, but was changed after the first chapter was written.

14. I have 6 word documents for future books because as soon as I have an idea, I have to write it down.

15. If I get stuck in my writing I will read books by Micalea Smeltzer. I almost always have one of her paperbacks with me, whether it is in my car, or bag, or my drawer in my office. The reason I do this is because she has the one thing I desperately need. An eye for detail!!! She and I are very similar in our writing, but she is a thousand times more talented than I will ever be. 🙂 I write straight to the point and then I catch myself. I don’t copy her work if that is what you’re thinking. I just use her for inspiration. Plus I love her because she is my bestie.

16. My worst selling book is Kory which surprises me because It is one of my favorite stories. I wish that more people would read it and love it as much as me.

17. My favorite character from the Unbroken Series is Waylon, and his book will be the next that I write.

18. The second book that made me cry while writing was Causing Heartbreak. It also made me cry every time I re-read it, and it still breaks my heart now.

19. If I never sold another book, I would still write because I love it.

20. I have never hit Amazon top 100, NY Times, or USA today and I have released 8 books. These are on my list of goals. I hope to hit them one day.

21. Writing has never been the hard part, getting people to read it is always the hardest.

Hope you enjoyed these few fun facts.



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