Surprise Teaser

Hey guys! I’m leaving for a reading retreat on Thursday January 15th and won’t be back until the 19th. I’m very excited, but I probably won’t be posting any book updates while I’m away. Hence today’s posting.

Dirty Nails is 5 chapters away from being completed and I still plan on releasing at the end of the month so long as everything goes well. I will be writing while I’m away so I’m hoping that it will be complete by the time I get back from my trip.

I have a new teaser posted under the Dirty Nails tab at the top of the page, but I thought I would leave you with a little more. Below is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy!

(Unedited) – Recommended for ages 18+

Chapter One

Slowly I pulled my black stockings up my legs, making sure that Max’s eyes were fixated where they should’ve been.



My legs.

Yep, that was exactly where they were. It was his favorite spot.

The lighting in the room was dim, and the evening light from the window made him look like a predator about to stalk his prey. His movements were graceful and edgy, and although I knew that he could hurt me, I still wanted him.

I bit down hard on my lower lip, and spread my legs farther apart. Just giving him a little taste before tonight’s show. He’d thank me later. My eyes raked over him as he made the last few steps to me. He bent down so that his lips were only inches from my neck. His fingers grazed the bare skin at the top of my thighs where the stockings had yet to touch, and my breath caught. He was a ticking time bomb. His moves could have been gentle or rough. I never knew. When his fingertips moved lightly and in slow motion then I knew this was one of those gentle times, and I could breathe a little easier.

“You teasing me love?” His smooth voice and warm breath caressed my neck.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing. You love it and you know it.”

His fingers ran up my side slow and dangerous, each finger dancing along my skin. They skimmed the swell of my breast right before they stopped at the base of my neck. I stared at the little patch of skin that peeked out under the collar of his shirt. His chest was smooth, and with three buttons undone I knew that he was the one doing the teasing.

He could almost stretch his fingers all the way around my neck with just one hand. His grip tightened as my head dropped back and I looked him in the eyes.

“Save the teasing for later. I have a new guy I want you to meet before the show.”

“You hired someone new?” I gave him a questioning look.

“Don’t look so surprised sweetheart. I really like this one. There’s something about him. He’s big and brutal, just what I need.”

“You said that about the last one.”

I didn’t see the back of his hand coming at me, only felt it when it landed hard against my cheek. The pain of that damn gold ring against my cheekbone made me grit my teeth. I hated that thing. It always left a mark.

“Too much mouth today.” He glared at me. “Tone it down.”

I nodded. I didn’t speak.

He kissed my jaw lightly. “Finish getting ready. You have ten minutes. Then I’ll introduce you to the new guy.”

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